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Identify and Remove a Trojan Horse Virus

Having a virus on your computer can cause havoc to the many different types of documents you have on your computer.  The Trojan horse virus is a virus that has become a famous type of malware that will infect your PC and cause many problems.  The Trojan virus is different from other viruses that exist in the cyber world.  The Trojan virus is very bad to have on your computer, but it will not duplicate itself, but instead will execute the files that are available on your PC.  Often times it will infect and change important operating system files. When the files are attacked, it will open up your PC for other spy ware software to attack your PC and your files. 

The Trojan horse virus will begin to attack your PC when you have downloaded different items off of the internet.  Such items are movies or music.  The virus will be attached to famous files names; and since many internet users trust the different pop ups and web sites, the virus will be easily invited into their PC.  The only way to allow the Trojan horse virus access to your PC is by double clicking on the virus.  Hesitate before you double click and make sure the file you are downloading is legitimate and will not harm your PC.

 To know if the Trojan horse virus has infected your software and your PC, be sure to have antivirus software installed onto your PC.  You can purchase antivirus software at any computer store or you can download different software off of the internet.  Take your time and research the information and the program before you select the antivirus that you want to install on your computer.  By installing the wrong type of antivirus software, you may be welcoming more viruses onto your PC. Once the anti virus program is installed, it will detect and protect your PC from not only the Trojan horse virus, but other viruses that may have attacked your PC without you knowledge.

If you do not want to install antivirus onto your computer, look at your Task menu to see what programs have been installed on your PC.  If you find any programs that you didn’t download or install, remove the program immediately.  It could be a virus that has attached itself to your PC.  To uninstall a program, simply click on your control panel, select the software you want uninstalled and click on uninstall.  It will take your PC a few minutes to remove the program and will ask you to reboot your computer once you are finished.

Check your PC regularly for different programs, software and viruses that may have infected your computer.  If you fail to do so, different viruses will attach to the software and files you have on your PC that you use frequently.  It is also a good habit to shut your PC completely down every few days.  By turning off your computer, you will refresh your files which can lead to a faster PC experience.


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