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Protect Your Computer from Trojan Horse Downloaders

Do you suspect there is a virus on your computer?  There are many different viruses that are in the cyber world that will harm your computer and destroy your files.  One of those many viruses is the Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R virus.  This virus can infect your computer secretly and will start to infect the programs and files that you have saved onto your computer.

There are signs that you can look for to know if the Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R has infected your computer.  One of the first signs you will start to notice is your computer being slow.  It will be slow as you open up different files, the internet or when you are start up your computer.  Another sign is the home page on your internet browser has been changed on its own.  If you have attempted to change it back, but another page has been applied is a very large sign the Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R has taken up residence on your computer.

One more sign that you can watch for is when you open a program or a file and it will not open.  When this happens your file has either been moved or been stolen from your computer.  The programs will not run the way they are supposed to or will stop as you are working with them

To know how to protect your computer from the Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R virus, you need to know how the virus becomes a part of your computer and infects your files and documents.  The virus can be bundled with different programs that you might download onto your computer.  As you browse the internet and click onto different links, the Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R virus will attach itself to the link and will infect your computer once you have clicked onto the link.  The link can be a program you download, a pop up you click on or from music or movies you have installed on your computer.

The Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.8.R virus can also be found within e-mails that you receive.  When you receive an e-mail from an unknown source or user, many times a link will be attached to the e-mail.  The link will have the virus associated with it.  The only way for the virus to get onto your computer is by you clicking on the link.  Once the link is clicked, the virus will start to infect your computer.  Read your e-mails carefully before clicking on nay links or opening attachments to be sure they are from a trusted source.

In short, the best way to protect yourself is to practice safe surfing habits. If you are not sure about a site, do not go to it. Use a reputable search engine such as Bing or Yahoo for all your searches. We have found the search results in these to be much better then Google  since their latest update. In addition, be sure you know who sent you an e-mail before clicking on any links within the e-mail.


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