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On March 1, 2009 I had a problem with my computer running slow and sluggish. I did a search on the internet and I found Advantage Computers and gave them a call. The owner, Joe,was extremely helpful and did a remote session in to my computer live! The problem was fixed in about an hour and all is working great! Thanks Advantage Computers!


Erie, Pennsylvania



Thank you for letting me know about your site I am so glad that I got you to checked out and fix my computer. Now it is running so much faster and my pages just pop up real quick. Thanks again, you do great work.

Mary Ann



On March 21, 2009 I called you about a problem with my system that had a horrific virus. Although my system was running like a turtle, you had the patience to help me through the easy process of connecting to you for remote support. Once the service was concluded, I tried my computer and it was AMAZING. The system was not only free of viruses and pop-ups, but it was actually faster then before I ever had the virus in the first place. The customer service, knowledge and quality of work was amazing. In addition, I never had to disconnect my computer and remove it from the house. Thank you Joe for a job well done1 I would recommend Advantage Computers to anybody who has a computer issue. Thanks guys!
                                                                  Portland, OR

Dear Joe,
Yesterday I called you about a slow computer that was barely able to do anything. Within minutes, you were connected and "going to town" on cleaning out my system. It was an interesting experience to watch as the virus elements were eliminated one by one. I anxiously awaited the phone call to signal that you were done. Once I tested my machine, all was great. The system was running like a top and no more pop-ups. I took your advice on what anti-virus to run and I am now totally delighted. I feel much safer knowing that the "bugs" are gone! Thanks again!                           

 On July 4th, 2009, my computer caught a nasty virus that I could not remove myself. I really needed help! Being not that all computer savory, I struggled for hours trying to get rid of the pop-ups. Since it was a holiday, I did not think I would get any help from anybody. I decided to make some calls so I could get the use of my computer back. I did some searches and came across Computer Repair Online. I gave them a call and was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable voice. Joe said he could have me going in about an hour. Since it was a holiday. Joe made a special trip to the office to do the job. He explained everything that was going to be done in plain English. The remote process was painless and professional to say the least! After just over an hour, I got the call that all was good. I tested the system and it was faster then when it was new! The virus was gone and I was a very happy camper! This service saved the day. i can’t say enough about how great this company is. I would recommend them to anybody. They are honest and professional. I would definitely use them again!!                                                            Kimberly.....Chicago  Illinois


Dear Joe,  On December 8, 2010 I called about my slow computer that was bombarded with virus pop-ups that made the computer almost useless. I was not even able to get in Windows. I took the computer to a local shop and they said it had to be reformatted and that would cost 200.00 and it would take about 4 days to complete. I decided to try a different route. While searching the web I found Advantage Computers. I gave them a call and I described my problem. Joe guided me through all the steps and got me back into Windows within 2 hours. He then connected to my system and did a full cleanup that took about 2 hours. After the clean up, the system ran 100% better and I did not loose any of my data. For 125.00, I was up and running in about 4 hours instead of 5 days. What a service! I would highly recommend them. Thanks again.                                  Debbie D,  Florida

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