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What is a Fake Trojan Horse?

A fake Trojan Horse is a virus that can infect your computer and start to create damage to your files and potentially steal your files also.  The fake Trojan Horse virus  is very different from your typical virus that you can get on your computer.  Your computer will become infected with this virus when you download programs or click onto different links while you are browsing through the internet.  The worse part of the virus is that you will not even know the virus has attached to your computer and has started to infect your computer until it is too late.

The Trojan Horse virus is hard to detect if it is on your computer.  Once the virus has been installed onto your computer, the hacker that created the virus will help hide the virus deep within the programs and your files.  The virus will also bundle itself with emails that you receive and other programs that you download.  You will never suspect that it is there as you use your computer daily.  Look for the small signs that will make you aware if there are viruses besides the Trojan Horse Model on your computer.  Is your computer running slower than normal?  Are there different programs on your computer that you didn’t download?  Are any of your files missing?  These are a few different signs that you can watch for to see if there is a hidden virus on your computer.

Download a good antivirus program or a spy ware removal software onto your computer to help prevent viruses from infecting your computer and to also remove the current viruses that have already infected your system and have started to damage your files.  Research the antivirus software and the spy ware software that you want to use.  Some of the software that is available for you to use may have viruses attached to it also.  When you locate the software that you want to use, download it to your computer and remove the programs that appear to be infected. Microsoft Security Essentials is always a good program to start with.

To find and remove the Trojan Horse virus and other viruses, once the antivirus software or the spyware software has been downloaded onto your computer, launch the program and click on the “scan now” option.  When you click onto the scan option, the software will start to scan for viruses that may be on your PC.  When the software has completed the scan, click on “remove” to have the programs that are infected to be removed from your computer.  Run the software a couple times a year to make sure that viruses have not secretly been installed onto your computer. Please be sure the program is updated before performing any of the scans.

Avoid having a virus installed onto your computer in the first place by watching and being cautious about the links that you click on and download.  As you browse through the internet, think twice before clicking on a link that pops up.  Look at the link to make sure it is valid.  If you are unsure, do not click on the link or contact the company about the link. It is possible the link or pop up window is related to a fake antivirus program. Following these steps will help  protect yourself from the viruses that can damage your computer and your files.



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