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   Hi everybody. In this fast and changing world, remote computer repair is starting to be the biggest sensation since the actual invention of Windows. In the past if your computer stopped working, you either had to get somebody out to your home or you had to take your machine to a shop where it would be tied up for days. Today, that is all changed with remote support becoming more popular by the day. If you do a search, you will find literally hundreds of sites that offer these services. Many of the sites are fairly new and have only been doing it for a short time. The majority of others sub their work out to areas outside the US where labor is much less expensive.

    Once you have made a decision on what company you would to choose to do your repair, you have to decide on what type of plan you would like. Some offer monthly plans where you pay a determined amount monthly. This is great if your computer breaks down once a month but for the average person, this just does not happen. The company charging you will definitely bank on those odds. For most people, a company that charges a flat rate will be the wisest choice. You pay one price; get your system fixed and usually you will not need another repair for months after that. A good quality clean up will take at least 2 hours to do properly. If a tech does your virus removal or tune up in 20 minutes, it was not done as completely as possible. A good tech will look for and repair or advise of any potential issues that might cause problems later.

    Another important factor is experience. It is always best to have a tech that has been working on computers since at least Windows 95. When you worked on operating systems for that long, Windows starts to become an extension of your life. You know it inside and out and that experience helps you to find and repair many uncommon problems. Remotely controlling computers has its own challenges and it is not for someone without experience.

    Customer service is another thing to look for. Some of the big companies will not be able to give you the personal attention that a smaller family owned company would. This is often the case with other services besides computer repair.

    So go ahead, if your computer is slow or you are getting pop up’s from here to eternity, call us at Computer Repair Online and let the magic begin as they fix your system while you relax in your easy chair!

ComputerRepairol Is a US based family owned company with excellent reviews. The author, Joe Zelenak, is the owner and CEO of the company. All work is in the US and we do not sub out to other companies or countries.


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