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In today’s computing world, we use our PC’s for just about everything we do. For the most part, if you stick to all legitimate sites, do not open e-mail attachments chances are you may never encounter this dangerous threat. Sometimes even with the most careful browsing, one of the ugly pests could still find their way to your computer. For this reason, it is imperative to run a good antivirus solution. There are a number of choices out there from the free version of AVG to Microsoft Security Essentials. All these free options work just as good as the heavy paid versions of  other venders. I also like Panda Cloud because the software updates on the Panda server rather then being downloaded to your computer. This dramatically lowers the footprint of the product and speeds up how often the product is updated. You can try out either in the download links below.

Security Essentials


Panda Cloud Antivirus

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